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Dan St. Hilaire, President/CEO of Northern Credit Union, began the CEO’s Corner in order to personally communicate with you, our members.  His goal is to ensure that you are well informed on both current and future Northern projects and events.
Read the latest communication from Dan below, and write directly to him
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Dan St. Hilaire, President/CEO of Northern Credit Union, began the CEO’s Corner in order to personally communicate with you, our members, write directly to him anytime at

  • Our Sincere Condolences

  • Indian River Backpack Program

  • Going Electronic for Sustainability and Security

  • Opening Next Month: LeRay Relationship Banking Center

  • New @ Northern

Our Sincere Condolences to Family and Friends of Perry Steria

It is with a heavy heart I must share my sincere condolences for the tragic loss of a true Northern CU advocate Perry Steria, a dedicated and contributing member of our Supervisory Committee, passed away in a car accident on Route 12 in February.

A Lowville native, Perry was very involved in his community especially with the Lowville Mennonite Church, the Agape Shoppe in Watertown, Brookhaven Home, and the Adirondack Mennonite Heritage Association.

I am honored to have worked alongside Perry in the Credit Union movement. He was a wonderful soul, full of compassion, warmth and kindness.

Also sharing kind words is Steve Brooks, member of Northern Credit Union’s Board of Directors and Supervisor Committee Chairman. “Perry lived life with a strong sense of connection, education, and philanthropy. His memory will remain strong as his devotion to his family, friends, and civic responsibility.”

Northern Supports Indian River Middle School's Backpack Program Initiative

I’m excited to announce your credit union has recently formed a special new partnership with the Indian River Middle School! This heart tugging “people helping people” story is a prime example of what credit unions, and in particular Northern, are all about.

As a credit union focused on “people helping people”, Northern strives to support our local communities through awareness, charitable donations, fundraising efforts, or hands on support. As you may have seen on the Channel 7 News a few weeks ago, representatives from Indian River Middle School were on set to gain support for the school district’s newly formed Backpack Program. Indian River was seeking to create awareness, solicit donations, and share the impact and reach of this program.

In response to Indian River’s appearance on Channel 7 News, Northern reached out to school officials and the information received regarding the start-up of the program was staggering. We learned that:

• About 55% of the students at Indian River Middle School qualify for free or reduced cost lunch. This program will assist in feeding needy families and kids over the weekend 
  when they are not in school getting two meals a day (breakfast and lunch).
• A total of 60 backpacks were needed to start the program but they only had 22 to date.
• The program’s food budget for a year was estimated to be $14,520 but at the time they only had $500 towards this amount.
• Due to budgetary concerns the program may have needed to be extended from February of this year to the 2014-2015 school year.

Upon hearing all this, the leadership team at Northern discussed this community program and knew we had to support this worthy initiative as the impact to the Indian River community and children would be tremendous. I’m proud to say Northern was able to provide substantial support to this program by donating 40 backpacks and financial support of $7,500 which will completely cover the first year of the Backpack Program

I and other members of our Senior Leadership team hand-delivered the $7,500 check and backpacks to Indian River. It was an honor to meet with the administrative team at Indian River who selflessly strive to provide the best for their students, both in school and at home. If you have the ability to donate to this incredibly worthy program, I urge you to do so!

For more information about the Indian River Middle School Backpack Program please contact Indian River Student Services at 315-642-0125, ext. 171 or visit their website.

Going Electronic for Sustainability and Security

Many households often look for ways to cut costs, increase time well spent, and protect their homes and families. Here at Northern we wanted to review avenues for additional cost-savings, greater staff efficiencies, and most importantly, increased member security in light of the recent increase in fraud occurring throughout the North Country and nationwide.  We identified several ways to make your accounts safer and are pleased to announce that many of them come at a cost and resource savings as well.

 Here are a few ways you can help decrease costs and increase security:

1. Enroll in eAlerts for your account and loans.
By enrolling in eAlerts through Online Banking you can receive text and/or email alerts to monitor your account. I highly recommend setting alerts for low balances, loan due    
dates, ODP/NSF activity, incoming deposits, and outgoing withdrawals. If you want to get really detailed, you can get alerts for transactions over certain dollar amounts. All 
you have to do to activate these alerts is log into online banking and click the alerts tab.

2. Enroll in eStatements 
By enrolling in eStatements your account statements are delivered to your online banking account every month like clockwork. The benefits of switching to eStatements include less paper filling your mailbox, file cabinet or countertop. Plus, your statements are more secure in online banking than they are in your mailbox. Unfortunately, criminals have been known to steal statements from mailboxes for identity theft. Other bonus of eStatements are that they are environmentally friendly and cost the credit union about 50% less to send than a paper statement. Less paper, less waste, more security, more savings!

To enroll in eStatements simply visit a branch, call us at 315-782-0155 or email us. Once we have your approval, you just need to opt in through online banking and you’re good to go.

As an additional measure, starting May 1 we will no longer be sending paper notices for overdraft payments on debit (ATM and point of sale), ACH, and check payments and non-sufficient funds (NSF) for ACH and check payments returned without payment posted. These notices can be received electronically via text and/or email or you can see the posted transactions on your month end statements.

As you can imagine, the increase in postage costs has affected our ability to send paper notices and statements. Here is a breakdown of a few factors that go into the mailings:

1- Staff time (about 12 hours per month)
2- Paper cost (about $200 per month)
3- Outgoing postage (49 cents per mailing)
4- Returned postage – non deliverable (49 cents per mailing)

As you can see, it costs us well over $1 to send a paper statement or notice.

It also affects us when we do not have your correct contact information including address, phone numbers and emails. The next time you call or stop into a branch please take the time to ensure your contact information is correct. You can also update your contact information in online banking under the profile tab. It will only take one minute of your time and will save you even more time in the long run since we will be able to communicate with you more effectively. 

LeRay Is Opening Soon!

Just a few more weeks before we open our doors at our LeRay Relationship Banking Center in April! We are putting the finishing touches on the building, interior, and on our marketing campaign to celebrate the new branch opening. I can’t give away too many details but keep an ear and eye out in April for news. All I’ll say is that LeRay is our lucky seventh branch and we will be rewarding our members with the opportunity to hit it big!

Here are some photos taken just last week. Everything is coming together well.


Front and center almost complete!


Both road signs have been installed.  Here's a look at the monument sign.


When you enter you'll first encounter the Welcome Area where a team member can assist you with your banking whether it's starting a loan application or showing you how to use the interactive teller machine.


The branch has a lobby ATM, a coin machine (coming soon!) and an interactive teller machine.


The branch is also equipped with SMART Office technology allowing you to video chat with a team member so you don't have to wait for an inperson team member if it's a busy day at the branch. Plus, you can sign all your docuements electronically.

New Hires & Promotions

As we grow our branch network, we also must grow our roster of team members who make our day to day success possible. I’d like to recognize and welcome this talented and enthusiastic group to our Northern Family who have joined us this past month.

  • Brent Pleeter leads the team at our LeRay branch as Branch Manager
  • Kaycee Lee joined the team of Financial Service Representatives at our Factory Street branch
  • Jaimee Pultorak came onboard to join our Gouverneur team as a Financial Service Associate
  • Jill Wells joined our Virtual Solutions team as the newest Virtual Service Professional
  • Lindsey Wilke became the newest Financial Service Associate at our Factory Street branch
  • Mark Komondor joined our Marketing team as Graphic Designer

Your thoughts about any aspect pertaining to your Credit Union are important and I encourage you to reach out and share them with me. I welcome all feedback via email at  As always, thank you for choosing Northern as your financial institution. We appreciate your ownership!


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