Learn How to Safeguard Your Information With a Strong a Password

Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Important Tips When Creating a Username or Password

  • Do not use spouse, children or pets names that can be easily guessed.
  • Do not use birthdates or anniversaries as these can often be found online or through social media channels.
  • Do not put capitals at the start of your password, or symbols at the end. These are natural habits that hackers can predict.
  • Use a different password for each account. This way if one account password is compromised your other accounts are not at risk.
  • Do not recycle passwords because this creates an easily predicted pattern.

Adopt Safe Online Banking Practices

  • Regularly changing your password offers many security benefits.
  • Do not store your password on public devices.
  • If you record your password ensure it is in a safe location that nobody can access.
  • Select ‘don’t show’ your password when typing if provided the option.
  • Do not use unknown devices that may not be secure.
  • Do not access secure information from a public computer.
  • Never share your login information.

Not sure how to change your password? Watch the video below to learn how!

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