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Life Insurance:

You never know what tomorrow may bring, it’s best to be prepared

Peace of mind for you—and for those you love.

  • Protect your family’s financial future
  • Affordable rates that fit your budget today
  • Life insurance coverage from some of the nation’s top carriers
  • Easy to apply—even if you’re already covered
Northern Financial Services

Your Northern Financial Services advisor will help you find life insurance for how you live.

  • Universal Life Insurance

    With a universal life insurance policy, you’ll get coverage that lasts throughout your lifetime together with the flexibility to tailor your coverage—and your premiums—to fit your changing life.

    • Maintain your policy while increasing, decreasing or skipping premium payments based on your needs.
    • Average cost usually lower than whole life at similar coverage amounts.
    • Low cost with flexible premiums.
    • Income tax-free death benefit.
    • Withdrawal or tax-free loans available.


  • Whole Life Insurance

    A whole life insurance policy gives you protection for life—and a premium that will never increase—plus the tax deferred buildup of cash value that you can borrow against.

    • Lifetime protection.
    • Withdrawals or tax-free loans available.
    • Option to stop paying the premium and use the value to purchase other forms of coverage.
    • Income tax-free death benefit to family.


  • Term Life Insurance

    Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time—10- , 20- or 30 years—at a set cost that’s guaranteed not to increase for the term.

    • Simple, straightforward insurance—it pays a benefit only if the insured dies during that term.
    • May offer the ability to convert to a permanent policy.
    • Fixed premiums for specified number of years and increased upon renewal.
    • Highest death benefit at the lowest cost.
    • No cancellation charges or fees.
    • Makes sense when there is a need for coverage that will disappear at a specific point in time.


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