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Properties For Sale

We are proud to offer special Foreclosure Property Financing on the Northern-owned properties below. These properties are great for the first time home buyer, handyman (or handywoman), and as primary residences.

 Foreclosure Property Financing features:

  • 100% financing for the minimum bid price
  • No PMI requirement
  • No closing costs if mortgage is held for 3+ years

If you are interested in purchasing one of these properties with or without Foreclosure Property Financing please contact us!



^ Information provided is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. This estimate is for informational purposes only and is not in any way an offer, agreement or commitment to make a loan. Each mortgage loan is subject to credit review and approval. Amounts shown estimates. Rates and fees are subject to change at anytime. Payments based on 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage at a 30 year term, with a rate of 4.375%. Interest and payment adjustment occurs every 60 months after initial fixed rate period. Rate caps are 2% at first adjustment, 2% per annual adjustment thereafter and 6% over the lifetime of the loan.

The initial interest rate of 4.375% used in the above examples may include a premium or discount. Your initial interest rate may not be based on the current index value of 0.698%, plus a margin of 2.875%. Subsequent rate adjustments will equal the index plus the margin subject to any applicable rounding factor. Example: On a $10,000, 360 month loan with an initial interest rate of 4.375% (the rate used in this plan during July 2013), a minimum interest rate (floor) of 2.875%, the maximum amount that the interest rate can rise under this program is 6.005 percentage points, to 10.380%, and the monthly payment can rise from an initial payment of $49.93 to a maximum of $79.44 in the 181st month. To see what your payments would be, divide your mortgage amount by $10,000; then multiply the monthly payment by that amount.