At Northern, we are driven to improve the financial lives of those we serve through personalized solutions. Having good credit health and history can positively impact your credit goals, borrowing power, and financial future.

“My Credit Score” allows you to:

  • View your credit score and what factors contribute to it for free, with financial tips on how to improve!
  • View your credit reports through TransUnion to see your overall credit history and status of debt.
  • Play with the ‘Score Simulator’ to see how your credit would be impacted if you were to apply for new credit, pay off credit or increase your balances or miss payments.
  • View potential offers to take advantage of!
  • Take advantage of other credit wellness resources!
  • Now available in Online & Mobile Banking within My Credit Score, “Credit Goals” provides you the ability to set a credit score goal and view recommended steps to help you improve your score and track your progress!

Get Started!

Create your credit goal by selecting your credit score goal and the number of months you want to achieve the goal by. You will be provided recommendations on how to improve your credit score and achieve your goal.








You can edit existing goals at any time by returning to this screen and selecting the “Edit Goal” button. Goals cannot be deleted at this time, but this option will be added soon as an enhancement.









Once you have made 25%, 50% and 75% progress on your credit goal, you’ll receive an on-screen congratulatory message when you return to My Credit Score.









View our video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started or visit our Online & Mobile Banking User Guide for steps on how to locate My Credit Score under the Financial Wellness menu tab, and what other features you can take advantage of through Online and Mobile Banking.