This low-cost coverage pays the difference between your insurance settlement and loan balance if your vehicle is totaled in an accident.


Available on all Northern auto and other vehicle loans, GAP protection is extra protection that covers any gap between the amount you owe on your car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle and what you get from your insurance carrier if it’s totaled in an accident.

Why add GAP coverage to your loan? Aside from the obvious, this low-cost coverage also eliminates out of pocket expenses and protects your credit rating. You can personally pay for this protection as a one-time cost, or we can roll it into your balance and loan payments.

Ready to cover the gap with GAP protection? Request it when you get a loan. Already have a loan and want to add protection? Connect with a live team member through Video Banking, call or text 315.782.0155, contact us online, or stop into a relationship center.