You’ve asked, we’ve listened. We’re excited to bring you convenient solutions to your basic banking needs and questions any day at anytime with Sky

Now, not only can you ask questions in our green chat bubble at the bottom of your screen, you can reach Sky by phone. Sky is ready to assist you, our members, with your banking needs so we can save you time! With Sky, our contact center is available by phone 24/7, so you can get assistance with common banking needs without having to wait. This means better service for you, with significantly shorter wait times when you call us.

Who is Sky?

Sky is an AI (artificial intelligence) powered virtual assistant, here to help you with basic requests and find answers to your questions quickly! With the help of Sky, our goal is to create seamless interactions for you any time of day.

How can Sky help?

When you call us at 315.782.0155 you’ll meet Sky. Simply begin by asking Sky a question or tell her why you’ve called and she’ll search to find the answer for you. Sky is more advanced than old, automated phone systems and you can speak to her naturally. Sky can also text information you request making it easy to refer back to.

Here are a few ways Sky can help:

We know Sky won’t have all the answers, that’s why we’re here too! If you need help with something beyond Sky’s ability during business hours, she’ll connect you with a Northern team member.

YOU can help Sky learn and improve, let us know how Sky is doing.

The more members use Sky, the more she’ll learn and grow her skill set! Give her a try the next time you call us at 315.782.0155 and tell us what you think! With your help we can ensure Sky is always learning and improving to better assist you with your banking needs.

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