Your peace of mind and account security are our top priorities. We’re committed to helping you keep your personal information secure and are proud to partner with EZShield to offer affordable, top-of-the-line identity theft protection in NY. For just $4.99 each month, EZShield monitors you and your family’s personal information and alerts you to potential fraudulent activity related to your identity.

You can count on EZShield Identity Protection:

identity theft protection monitoringComprehensive Monitoring
Your credit and other personal information is monitored 24/7 to keep you informed of changes or potentially fraudulent activity related to your identity.

identity theft timely notifications

Timely Notifications
You’ll receive an immediate email or push notification when a change occurs to any of your identity vault-stored information.


Control and Protection Identity Theft Protection

     Control and Protection
     Access your personalized dashboard from any device for peace of mind and a clear view of any threats to your personal information.


Promise Identity Protection

Expert Guidance and Resolution
You don’t have to face identity theft alone, if an issue arises, EZShield guides you through each step in restoring your identity.

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Click on the images below to download the “MySontiq” app from Google Play or the App Store to access your EzShield account.



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Need to contact an EZShield Restoration Specialist to discuss a new alert? Call 1.833.464.8106.

Here are helpful How-To videos and FAQs for setting up and getting the most out of your EZShield Identity Theft Protection in NY.

How to register for EZShield Identity Theft Protection Services:


How to add information to your EZShield Identity Vault:


How to navigate your personalized EZShield Protection Dashboard:


How to review alerts and open a new identity theft case:


How to navigate your EZShield Account Manager: