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Overdraft Services

Northern's overdraft options help ensure money is available when you need it, saving you from hassles, embarrassment and fees. Benefits include:

  • Avoid bounced checks when there's not enough funds in your account
  • Eliminate the embarrassment of denied transactions
  • Avoid merchant late fees and returned items
  • Protect your good credit rating
  • Signing up is quick and easy!

Overdraft Privilege for Checks and ACH

How it works: This is a courtesy service that Northern offers on checking accounts when checks or ACH (automated clearing house) transactions are presented for payment. When there are not enough funds in your account to cover a check or ACH transaction, Northern will pay it for you.

Fees: Northern charges a $32 fee for this service. Overdraft privilege does have limitations and is not a promise to pay service.

Get started: Enrollment is automatic based on daily review of your checking account.

Overdraft Privilege for Debit Card and ATM 

How it works: Similar to overdraft privilege for checks and ACH, but with additional protection; this overdraft privilege offers coverage for ATM and one-time debit card purchases too. When sufficient funds are not available in your checking account, Northern will cover the cost for eligible members. In order to take advantage of this great service, members must opt-in for debit card Overdraft Privilege.
Fees: There is a $32 fee per item paid for this service.

Get started: Visit our opt-in webpage here for more details and to complete the consent form.

Share to Share Overdraft Protection

How it works: This is another form of overdraft protection that links your checking account to your primary savings account. When you have insufficient funds in your checking account, available funds from your linked savings account can automatically transfer to your checking account to pay items presented for payment.

Fees: The enrolled savings account must be in good standing with available funds for transfer. You are limited to 6 transfers a month.

Get started: Opt-in by calling us at 315.782.0155 or visit any one of our 7 branches.

Overdraft Line of Credit (ODLOC)

How it works: A convenient, revolving loan that can be used as needed to serve as overdraft protection. If your checking account balance drops below $0, you'll be covered on the amount through your ODLOC. We offer lines up to $5,000 and you only pay for what you use.

The interest rate on the ODLOC is fixed and monthly payment is either 3% of the unpaid balance or $25; whichever is greater. Loan application and approval process is required. No application or annual fees.

Get started: Apply today online, by calling us at 315.782.0155 or visit any of our 7 branches.