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Debit Cards

Added convenience to your Northern Credit Union checking account!

  • Our debit card is accepted as a VISA Card by merchants around the globe.
  • Instead of charging to a credit card or line of credit, your purchase is deducted from your Northern checking account.
  • You have access to any Northern ATM and 30,000 additional ATMs in the CO-OP ATM network throughout Northern New York which allows you to withdraw cash fee free. Find an ATM near you!
  • Complimentary enhanced protection of your card through eNFACT, a fraud monitoring system, to identify suspicious or potentially fraudulent transaction activity. Learn more about our Fraud Protection.
  • Access to a 24/7 call center for your after-hours, weekend and holiday debit card needs. A trained team of experts are ready to answer questions regarding your debit card at 844.561.7286. More information on what the call center can assist you with can be found here

Personalized Debit Card Builder

For just $5, you can make your debit card more fun by personalizing it with your favorite photo. Visit our Debit Card Builder to upload your picture.  

Traveling with your Debit Card

Let us know about your travel plans ahead of time by completing a Travel Notification form and make sure you follow these tips. Bon voyage!

Fraud Protection

We have your back 24/7. Here's what to do if fraud has been detected or if your card is lost or stolen. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that lets you quickly and easily make purchases at participating merchants using your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Paying in the store or within apps has never been easier or safer. Learn more by visiting our Apple Pay page.

Credit vs Debit

Here's a breakdown of what it means when you select to run your Northern Debit Card as either "Credit" or "Debit" when making a purchase transactions.

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