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Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator
See how much a lower initial interest rate followed by an adjustable one will cost you in the long run.

ARM vs. Fixed-Rate Mortgage Calculator
Compare your monthly mortgage payments after one year, and again after four years, with this dual calculator.

Homebuyer Savings Calculator
This homebuying calculator will help you create a monthly savings goal so you’ll be ready to buy your dream home.

Mortgage Comparison: 15 Years vs. 30 Years Calculator
How much will your monthly payments be if you go for a 15-year mortgage over a 30-year one? Find out now.

Mortgage Loan Calculator
Crunch the numbers of your mortgage’s monthly payment before they slap a “sold” sign on your new house.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator
A little goes a long way: See how increasing your principal payments can help you pay off your mortgage faster!

Refinance Savings Calculator
Thinking about refinancing your mortgage? See how much you could save with a lower interest rate or shorter term.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator
Are you building equity for someone else with nothing to show for it? Find out if your money is better spent renting or buying. 


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Car Loan Payment Calculator
Find out how much your monthly payments will be (with interest and taxes) before you jump into the driver’s seat.

Complete Loan Calculator 
Get answers based on monthly payments, interest rate, term or loan amount with this versatile tool.

Home Equity Line of Credit Qualification Calculator
Want to see if you qualify for a Home Equity Line of Credit? Just fill out three fields—we’ll handle the rest!

Loan Comparison Calculator
Compare up to three loans based on amount, interest, term length and more to find the one that’s best for you.


Debt Management  dollar sign icon

Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator
Want to pay off your debt faster and pay less interest? See how increasing your monthly payments can save you big!

Credit Card Payoff Calculator
See how long it will take you to pay off your card, or set a payoff goal and we’ll tell you how much to pay each month.

Debt Consolidation Calculator
Have multiple loans and credit cards? Discover how much you can save by consolidating all of your debt into one payment.


Savings  savings icon

Dividend Value Calculator
What’s the value of saving for the future? Calculate how much your savings will grow over time with this handy tool.

Emergency Savings Calculator
Life happens. That’s why you should know how much savings you should have to protect you during the unexpected.

Savings Goals Calculator
Whether it’s for something specific or a personal ambition, this calculator will tell you how to reach your savings goals.


College  college icon 

College Savings Calculator
Whether college is on the horizon for you or for your child(ren), take the guesswork out of saving for it here.

Student Loan Debt Payoff Calculator
Curious to know when you’ll be student loan debt free? Use this payoff calculator to find out what you can do to pay off your student loans sooner.

Student Loan Consolidation Calculator
You’ve graduated from college—now graduate from debt with this helpful consolidation calculator.


Retirement and Investing  retirement icon

401(k) Calculator
See how fast your nest egg can grow and how much you’ll have saved for retirement (with or without an employee match).

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last? Calculator
Have you saved enough to be comfortable after you retire? See how long your savings will last after taxes and expected inflation.

Retirement Income Calculator
Find out how much your monthly income after taxes will be once you retire using current contributions and ideal retirement age.

Retirement Planner Calculator
It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Calculate how much you should be saving and see how long it will last you.

Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA Calculator
Unsure whether a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA best suits your retirement goals? Compare them both and find out!

Roth IRA Calculator
See how much your Roth IRA will be worth once you retire based on your annual contribution, expected returns and more.

Traditional IRA Calculator
See how much your Traditional IRA will be worth once you retire based on your annual contribution, expected return and more.

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