Protect Your Investment of Homeownership

Homeownership is an important investment in your future. As you consider how to protect your investment, be aware of letters, commercials, and online ads touting home warranties.

Recently Northern Credit Union members have reported receiving letters in the mail urging them to call a number about a time-sensitive matter regarding a lapse in warranty coverage on their home. These letters aren’t legitimate and should be discarded.

Your peace of mind and account security are our top priority, and we’re committed to protecting your personal information. We don’t sell or distribute your information to non-affiliated third parties. Learn more about our privacy policy here. However, some information about mortgages, regardless of what lender you work with, is public record for tax databases and other purposes. That’s how scammers obtain your contact information.

Here’s what happens
These letters appear to come from American Home Protect, LLC and include the subject “RE: Northern Federal Credit U, Purchase Date… Potential Lapse of warranty coverage.”

These letters urge recipients to call 1.877.731.4363 and warn that failure to call could result in a potential lapse of coverage. They may appear legitimate because they arrive by mail. However, upon closer inspection, you may notice inaccuracies and scam techniques, including fear-mongering.

Insurance Scam

What happens if you call the number on the letter?
Calling the number may connect you with a real person or to automated recording prompts. If you do call the number, don’t offer your personal information. Doing so could be consequential to your privacy and finances.

If you’re concerned your personal information is at risk, visit our website to learn how you can protect your personal information with EZShield.

What should you do if you receive this letter?
The best thing to do is disregard the letter and dispose of it as you would any junk mail you receive. If you want to take further action, consider filing a complaint with the New York Attorney General’s Consumer Frauds Bureau.

If you have questions about your account, contact us online, call 315.782.0155, or stop into any relationship center.