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Student Choice Loans

An Educated Choice in Student Loans

Getting an education is tough enough without drowning in debt, or stressing over financial hassles. Our Student Choice Loan gets an "A" for Awesome.

Check out the benefits:

  • Finances up to $75,000 (total throughout a college career). 
  • Fills in gaps that federal aid might leave behind. 
  • Offers lower rates and fewer fees than typical lenders.
  • Provides zero origination or prepayment fees. 
  • Offers the option to defer all payments while in school. 
  • Offers flexible payment terms. 
  • Available to students attending four year public or private colleges and universities in the U.S.

Finding funds for college can seem overwhelming and frustrating. See how we can help you get to the next level in your education! 

To apply or learn more about Student Choice, visit our Student Lending Center or call us at 877.281.8323

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