Sackets Harbor Advanced ATM is Now Open

Take a drive down to 305 Dodge Avenue, right in the village, and check out your new drive-thru Advanced ATM. You can do more than ever before at our newest location, check out the video below for all the details!

What can you do at an Advanced ATM?

Advanced ATMs allow members to complete many basic banking transactions with only their debit card. Members can simply insert their debit card to:

  • Cash a check in just one step
  • Make a loan payment by cash, check or transfer
  • Request a mini-statement showing your most recent transactions
  • See all accounts and shares you have access to
  • Choose your cash denominations for withdrawal, picking between fewest, mixed or customize

Our advanced ATM can do everything a regular ATM can do too! Withdraw cash, make a deposit or balance inquiry, all with your debit card.

Do you want to take advantage of these new features, but don’t have a debit card? 

  • Request a card online– you can even make it uniquely yours with a custom image!
  • Connect with us via Video Banking– download the app or use the desktop version.
  • Contact us by chat on our website– click the green bubble at the bottom right.
  • Call or text us at 315.782.0155 – getting a debit card is easy and we’re here to help!

Your new drive-thru offers protection from the elements!