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Choice Rewards Checking


You can receive superior dividends on balances up to $15,000 with a Choice Rewards Checking account, as well as ATM fee refunds all across the country.  Bonus, there are no monthly fees for this amazing account!


Choice Rewards Checking | Higher Dividends Earn dividends on balances up to $15,000 with a Choice Rewards Checking account. See disclaimer & minimum requirements. Check Rates Now.


To receive excellent dividends on balances of $2,000 or more and up to $20 in ATM fee refunds, simply do the following each monthly qualification cycle:       
  • Have at least 10 debit card purchases post and clear before the last day of the month           
  • Have at least 1 automatic payment OR direct deposit post and clear before the last day of the month         
  • Access online banking OR mobile banking at least once per cycle   
  • Receive your monthly eStatement via online banking.

Sounds easy – and it is! A deposit of only $1 will open the account and you can write all the checks you want.

If you don’t meet the qualifications during a given monthly cycle, there’s no penalty. You’ll still enjoy free checking – you just won’t earn dividends for that cycle.


You'll also enjoy the benefits of:


You must deposit at least $1 to open an account. Rates may change after the account has been opened. Fees may reduce earnings. Qualifying transactions must post and clear to the account during the monthly qualification cycle. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date it was made to post to an account. Intra-bank transfers do not count as qualifying transactions.

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