Thanksgiving Savings Tips With Credit Solutions

The holiday season is approaching and some of your usual traditions might not be the same this year. Whether you’re choosing to stay home and social distance or looking for tips on how to cut costs we’ve got you covered. Our Credit Solutions team has provided some tips and tricks to help you budget for a less stressful Thanksgiving.


1.Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner
If you’re planning to stay home this year to social distance, try hosting a virtual Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. This way you can still enjoy your meal together and save on travel costs. Top Tip: Share recipes with each other in advance. This way you can still enjoy grandma’s famous pumpkin pie from the comfort of home.

2.Shop Early And Shop Sales
Pick up the items you need in advance as they’re usually marked down in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Also, check grocery store circulars for coupons and see which stores have membership cards so you can save on the items you need. Check your cupboards before going shopping to make sure you don’t already have what you need in your pantry. Top Tip: If your budget is tight this year and you’re in need, check your local food pantries for meals and other items.

3.Cook From Scratch
Some shortcuts are not worth the cost. Pre-made and instant dishes might save you time but they’re usually not as good and can add up in cost. If you have extra time to make your meal from scratch your wallet and tastebuds will thank you.Top Tip: If you don’t have time to make everything on your list, split the smaller items with family or friends and find a safe way to share.

4.Make Your Own Decorations
Making your own décor can achieve a festive look without breaking the budget. Check out these easy budget-friendly decorations that you can recreate with items you might already have around the house. Top Tip: Making crafts with your kids is a good source of entertainment and will make your decorations more personal.

5.Save On Utilities 
If you’re concerned about utilities like heating costs check out the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). HEAP helps eligible people pay the cost of heating their homes.


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