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Financial First Aid

We understand that there may be weeks or months when money is tight, so we've partnered with BALANCE to help you get through.

Sometimes the unexpected happens in life and that can come at a cost; one you can't quite afford right now. When there is more money going out then there is coming in, payday can't come soon enough. If times are tight, you should know that you have options available that can help you through a challenging time. Whatever the reason, we understand that "life happens," so as your credit union, Northern is here for you and willing to help you act quickly. Through our partnership with BALANCE, you have access to free financial counseling services.

Debt and Budget Coaching
Review your spending & savings while developing a plan to meet your financial goals.

Credit Report Review
A counselor will review this you, making sure you understand the content and know your rights.

Student Loan Coaching
Borrowing to pay for college is the easy part. Repaying the debt is much harder, see how you can make this burden lighter.

Homeownership Coaching
Learn all the aspects of the home buying process; from saving for a down payment to closing. 

Rental Coaching 
See how you can build credit and become a desirable tenant.

Bankruptcy Coaching 
If you are facing bankruptcy, make sure you are explore all your options before making this major financial decision.

Think of this as your personal online guide to financial management.

Identity Theft Solutions
Learn how to avoid becoming a victim or recover if the damage has already been done.

Contact Us
Certified credit counselors are available to answer your questions.

Financial Education
Access articles, e-newsletters, a mini-series and full suite of financial calculators.
BALANCE receives many comments from members who express gratitude for their programs. In their own words:

"I've been working with BALANCE to improve my credit since 2007. Following BALANCE's advice I raised my credit score from 570 to 743. I would recommend BALANCE to every person who needs credit advice." - Harold M.

"I feel that the counselor was very professional and courteous. He explained everything in detail and was not judgmental at all. The counseling session was not “one-sided” but very interactive and required me to think about where the money is going and how to squeeze more money from the expenses and use it towards clearing debt to enable a better financial position for the future." - Brent C.

"Cassidy just took a lot of time to explain everything with different examples so I understood. I appreciated the clarity of his explanations and his patience. I’ll be letting the credit union know when I visit the branch how much I appreciate BALANCE." - Debbie S.

Call BALANCE directly at 888.456.2227 or contact Northern's Credit Solutions Department at 315.779.3120