At Northern Credit Union your why is our why, and that’s why we’re excited for you to unbox our 4.64% APY on a 12-month Certificate. Plus, you can earn 3.05% APY when you open a Premium Rewards Checking account.

Take advantage of this bundle and boost the amount you earn in interest income. When you reach the end of the Certificate term, the money is yours for whatever you need! If you need more flexibility and instant access to your money, but still want to earn the highest dividends around, then our Premium Rewards Checking is right for you.

Unbox your rewards when you save and invest with our Certificate and Premium Rewards Checking. Our relationship centers are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable experts who are always available to help you choose the right bundle for you. Check out this example to see what your earnings could be:

Total $100,000 investment****:
Premium Rewards Balance of $35,000 + Certificate Balance of $65,000
Total Dividends earned at 12 months = $3,653.34 or 3.65% APY
Earn $1,053.34 on the Premium Rewards Checking balance and $2,600.00 on the Certificate.
Total Ending Balance = $103,653.34*


Higher Dividends Mean More Cash Toward Your Goals!

Your Credit Union is here for you when the market is rough with a 4.64% APY on a 12-month Certificate and a 3.05% APY when you open a Premium Rewards Checking account. Our goal as a not-for-profit community-focused credit union isn’t to generate profit for the bottom line, but instead to provide an institution for member-owners to gain information and professional guidance to make the best possible financial decisions for their families.

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*Rates accurate as of January 9, 2023. Rates may change after the account is opened. Average Daily balance must be at least $10,000 to earn dividends but will be compounded on full principal balance on deposit, you must also make one automatic payment or direct deposit, remain enrolled in Online Banking, have a NCU debit card, and receive a monthly eStatement. Because dividends are earned on your average daily balance you can earn rewards on as little as $.01 as long as your average daily balance during the month is $10,000. Fees incurred may reduce earnings on account. Limit one Premium Rewards checking account per person. These rates are blended for balances over $35,000. For example, if a member has $35,000 in checking they would receive dividends at the 3.05% APY rate on the first $35,000 in funds, and then dividends at the .10% rate on any balances over $35,000.00. Earn 3.05% APY on all balances up to $35,000.

**$500 minimum balance required to open a certificate of deposit. To be eligible for Basic Rates, member must also have an active Checking and Direct Deposit. Better Rates require an active Choice Rewards or Premium or Next Checking and Savings with combined minimum of 10K, Direct Deposit.  Best Rates require all of the requirements of better, but with combined balances >25K. Penalty will be applied for early withdrawal. Fees incurred may reduce earnings on account. Membership required.

****This savings scenario is based on a $100,000 total beginning investment. This strategy includes a maximum investment for the first tier in Premium Rewards Checking to maintain funds for “emergency” and then uses Certificate. Maturing Certificate’s roll over to renew at the end of the first 12-month period to another 12-month Certificate with an assumed rate of 4.64%.  A minimum of $35,000 is maintained in Premium Rewards Checking and will grow as Certificate’s mature. Earning a total yield of 3.65% with Premium Checking and Certificate rates, which assumes that dividends are reinvested into both the Premium Rewards Checking and to the Certificate. See website for specific tiered rates for Premium Rewards Checking.

APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Credit Union Membership Required. See Credit Union for account details.