Meet or Beat Mortgage Guarantee when you buy a house in NY

The key to your homeownership dreams starts here.

At Northern, we’re pleased to be the key to your dream of homeownership. While Personalized Real Estate Solutions is no longer under the Northern umbrella of products and services, there are many dedicated and well-connected real estate professionals in our region who are ready to help you buy a house in NY.

To find a real estate agent who’s the best fit for your home-buying journey, we recommended connecting with your local board of realtors or asking a Northern Credit Union Home Lending Professional for a recommendation.

Find a local board of realtors near you:

Have you already found your dream home? Start your mortgage application today and partner with our team of friendly, dedicated home lending professionals who will get you to your closing with confidence.

Do you have questions about the Personalized Real Estate Solutions closure?  Give us a call at 315.782.0155, we’d be happy to help!