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BillPay makes it easy to pay your bills correctly and on time!

Through BillPay you can make one time or recurring payments to any company with a US address. Your payment will either be sent electronically or mailed as a check. Enroll through Online Banking and also make payments through Mobile Banking with established payees.

Bill Pay makes it easier for you to pay your bills. Since you only have to log in to one site there is only one username and password to remember and one place to pay all of your bills! This also makes it much more secure than mailing checks yourself. Let Northern take care of your BillPay!

To enroll in Bill Pay log in to your Online Banking account and select the BillPay tab.

After enrolling yourself in BillPay there are three easy steps to follow:

  1. Pick a bill you want to pay by entering the company or person's name with the US address.
  2. Enter your account number into the bill information.
  3. Enter the amount and when you want to pay the bill.
  4. Hit submit and your payment is on its way!
It really is that easy!

To enter new companies or people to your BillPay simply add a new person or company. Once you have established the companies or people in your BillPay you can access them and pay bills through Mobile Banking.

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