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Health Savings Account


Our Health Savings account syncs with your own Health Plan to make sure that you always have money for the care you need. All contributions to the account are 100% tax deductible and are never taxed as long as they are spent on qualified tax expenses. On top of that, the account pays a premium dividend, so you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we're helping you grow your savings while you grow it.


Health Savings Account  |  Tax Deductible  100% Tax Deductible! Own a Health Plan to make sure that you always have money for the care you need. Check current rates and open one today!


You take control   

You choose when to pay your medical expenses through your account and who will hold your account.   

It's your money   

Whatever you put into the account is yours and becomes a financial asset. The amount saved carries through life situations such as change in employment, medical coverage, residence and retirement.   

You have easy access to your accounts

Depositing couldn't be easier. Our many flexible deposit options include payroll deduction, Direct Deposit, in person at one of our seven convenient branch locations, by phone or internet. For withdrawals your money is there when you need it. Enter a branch location, use an ATM, write a check or simply use your Visa Debit Card. Plus, you can check your account online 24/7.   

Tax-Advanced contributions   

Any contribution you or your employer makes to your HSA is tax-free for individuals. In addition, all contributions are considered pre-tax in an employer-provided plan.   

Earn interest on your account  

All balances in your Northern Health Savings Account earn interest! You can invest your money into an HSA with high paying dividend rates and watch your account grow. Click on the view rates below for our most current rates.   

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