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High Yield Savings

For members who use select Northern’s checking programs, our new High-Yield Savings account is designed to maximize your savings benefits. Users of Choice Rewards Checking and Premium Choice Checking can add our High Yield savings to create a complete financial package.

Check out these benefits:
  • Your High Yield dividends are compounded and credited to your account every month.
  • $1 minimum deposit required to open account.**
  • Includes free and convenient access with Northern’s Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Make unlimited deposits into your High Yield Savings account, using payroll deduction, automatic transfers, ACH, direct deposits, or online or mobile banking transactions.

** Initial High Yield deposits must be made from funds not on deposit at Northern Credit Union in the 30 days before opening the account.

   High Yield Savings | Higher Dividend Our High-Yield Savings account is designed to maximize your savings benefits. Compounded and credited to your savings  account every month! 

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