Now Open: Dexter NY Advanced ATM

Our newest drive-thru Advanced ATM is now live and ready to use at 200 Water Street, the former Key Bank property. We’re happy to bring these expanded convenient features to our members, at no cost!

Advanced ATMs allow you to view and complete many basic transactions for all your accounts and shares with only a debit or ATM card. ​You can make it even easier to keep track of your money by nicknaming your accounts through Online Banking!Simply insert your Northern card to:

  • Cash a check-in just one step.
  • Make a loan payment by cash, check or transfer.
  • Request a mini-statement showing your most recent transactions.
  • See all accounts and shares you have access to.
  • Choose your cash denominations for withdrawal, picking between fewest, mixed or customize.
Do you want to take advantage of these new features, but don’t have a debit card?  Request a Northern Credit Union debit card online today. You can even make it uniquely yours with a custom image!
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Not sure how the Advanced ATM works? Check out this video where Niki, from the Member Relationship Team, walks you through it step by step!

At Northern Credit Union, your why is our why, and your goals are our goals. Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, we want to help you get there. We’re excited to provide you with convenient banking solutions so you have time for what matters most!